Data Feeds for Sussex air quality

What is it?

Our data has always been available on this website, but creating data feeds makes it available for use by developers to widen access to information and combine it with other data sources. We have provided an Application Programming Interface (API) for our air quality data. This uses a copy of our live database, which validates the data and calculates information like air quality indexes and objectives. This has a set of possible requests that try to cover everything we think people would want. Information is requested using web page (http) protocol, and the exact request allows the definition of variables such as dates, that specify exactly what is wanted. Data is then returned to the request, mostly in the machine readable formats of XML or JSON. These formats are easy for applications and websites to read and use.

Agreeing to the terms and conditions in the Open Government Licence.

The latest hour Daily Air Quality Index (DAQI) for all sites:
The returns the latest hourly air quality monitoring indexes requested filtered by 'GroupName'. Currently the Group name would be 'Sussex'.{GroupName}/Json

The DAQI for all sites for any chosen day:
Returns the daily air quality monitoring indexes requested filtered by 'GroupName' and date.{GroupName}/Date={Date}

The annual objectives for all years and sites in the network:
This returns the results of annual air quality objectives for monitoring sites filtered by 'GroupName'.{GroupName}

Site information - locations, species recorded and other meta data about the sites:
This lists the monitoring sites filtered by 'GroupName'.{GroupName}

Measurement data for any defined site and time frame:
This returns raw data based on 'SiteCode', 'StartDate', 'EndDate'. Default time period is 'hourly'.{SiteCode}/StartDate={StartDate}/EndDate={EndDate}

Current Alerts

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No airAlerts are currently active for Sussex

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'Service not operational'

Alerting Services

AirAlert Logo
Service which sends free messages direct to vulnerable people informing them about air pollution levels. Read more..
HeatAlert Logo
Provides advance warning as to when a heatwave will occur so that there is time to plan and take preventative action. Read more..
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Severe cold weather alerts to vulnerable people over the winter Read more..



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