Funding and Grants

Measures likely to offer the biggest emission savings are:

  • Replacing your old boiler with a new high efficiency and ultra-low NOX model
  • Ecodesign stoves instead of open fires (for those that burn solid fuels)
  • Insulation (cavity wall, loft and solid wall)
  • Renewable technology such as air or ground source heat pumps or solar water heating.

Support available for residents this winter
LEAP offers support for lower income households telephone for further information and support: 0800 060 7567

Part of the LEAP service also includes:

ECHO is an emergency scheme offering a free-ofcharge service to vulnerable lower income households whose gas boiler have broken down. It is aimed at households that are vulnerable and need immediate assistance to stay warm and well.

Warmer Homes is a Warm Home Fund project that provides free gas connections and first time central heating for the vulnerable. Warmer Homes aims to reduce bills, increase comfort in non-gas households, and improve health outcomes for residents across all tenures.

HEART supports fuel poor and vulnerable households through the replacement of old, inefficient fridges, fridge/freezers, washing machines and cookers with modern, efficient alternatives. These households will be either in fuel poverty, in danger of falling into fuel poverty, or otherwise vulnerable.

Retrofit Works
Another route to improvements is through the emerging Retrofit Works project. Retrofit Works project manage improvements from design to implementation and the works are funded through local authority grants. Please contact your local authority to enquire about whether they have signed up to the scheme.
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Clean Burn homepage (Page One)

Introduction to the clean burn project.

Facts and health (Page Two)

How air pollution affects your health and indicates how much air pollution comes from burning wood and coal at home.

Stove Emissions (Page Three)

New stoves have emission limits from 2022, legislation and information on the latest stoves.

Efficient Fuel (Page Four)

improve your fire lighting technique and become better at burning fuel.

Funding and grants (Page Five)

Find out about funding and grants that are available to improve your home heating.

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Alerting Services

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Service which sends free messages direct to vulnerable people informing them about air pollution levels. Read more..
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Provides advance warning as to when a heatwave will occur so that there is time to plan and take preventative action. Read more..
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Severe cold weather alerts to vulnerable people over the winter Read more..



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