About Sussex Air

About the Sussex Air Quality Partnership (Sussex-Air)

Sussex-air is a partnership, set up in 2000, comprised of officers from all the Local Authorities in Sussex.

The partnership has a set of terms of reference but is not a formally constituted body.

Members of Sussex-air

All 15 Authorities in Sussex are members of the Sussex-Air Partnership.

Aims and Objectives of the Partnership

The aim of the partnership is to assist partners in complying with their statutory Local Air Quality Management (LAQM) duties and to contribute to improving air quality and health in Sussex.

The objectives of the partnership are to pool limited resources to provide:

  • a coordinated and high standard air quality evidence base
  • information and advice to the public
  • the data management of the numerous continuous monitoring sites across Sussex
  • coordination and delivery of strategic work and projects to improve air quality in Sussex.
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