Hastings – Air Quality Reports

Local Authorities are required to assess and report every year to the government on the air quality in their local area. The reports must assess whether the statutory health-based objectives are being met. Where the objectives are not being met a Local Authority has to produce an Air Quality Action Plan to improve local air quality. ​



Hastings Borough Council: Review and Assessment Summary

The review and assessment of air quality in this authority has been undertaken following the Local Air Quality Management process. The link to the local authority air quality reports is below:
Hastings Borough Council Air Quality Reports.

Air Quality Management Area Declared (2003)

The quality of air across most of Hastings & St Leonards reaches the national standard. However, on a small part of the Bexhill road, levels of Particulate Matter (PM) were monitored and assessed as being above the required air quality standard.

As a result, an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) has to be declared and an Air Quality Action Plan (AQPA) prepared.

Where is the Particulate Matter coming from?

Hastings & St Leonards, like all of Southern England, has very high background levels of Particulate Matter (PM). This comes from Europe and elsewhere in England. PM is a very fine dust and comes from industry, road traffic, tyre and brake disc debris, sea salt and biological particles.

The high numbers of slow moving traffic and the re-suspension of dusts added to the background levels, has resulted in Hastings Borough Council decision to declare Bexhill Road as an Air Quality Management Area.

For more information on the Air Quality Action Plan for Hastings Borough Council, please select the following link:
Hastings Borough Council Air Quality Action Plan.

Sussex Air Quality Network (SAQN) Reports

These reports describe the air pollution trends, episodes and standards across Sussex.

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