Sussex Air Quality Delivery

What does Sussex Air Quality Alert provide?

  • Alert messages provide information that can help vulnerable people such as respiratory sensitive people make choices on what they do, where they choose to go or if they need to take medication with them.
  • We want to inform people, the day before a pollution episode is predicted, so that it can help them make informed choices about managing their health.
  • The information provided is relevant to the UK guidelines which relate to the potential for the levels of pollution to impact the health of the population (UK (Defra) Air Quality Bandings). For more information refer to Health Advice.
  • Each weekday, we produce air pollution forecasts for the following 5 days.
  • These pollution forecasts are converted to an Alert message and sent out to recipients, via their selected message service.
  • The Alerts are only sent if a forecast is likely to be above the UK Air Quality Banding level “Moderate” or higher i.e. pollution levels that may trigger symptoms.
  • The Alert message will detail:
    • the level of concern, Moderate, High or Very High
    • the alert will only be relevant to your registered area (East Sussex, West Sussex or Brighton/Hove).
    • when the forecast is relevant (i.e. next 5 days)
  • Upon registering for Sussex Air Quality Alert a recipient will be asked to detail information on their location and the preferred method of Alert message delivery. This will determine how and to where we send out the Alerts.
  • You can unsubscribe at any time by selecting the unsubscribe message on an email or by coming here to the website and selecting “unsubscribe” button. 

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