Chichester – Air Quality Reports

Local Authorities are required to assess and report every year to the government on the air quality in their local area. The reports must assess whether the statutory health-based objectives are being met. Where the objectives are not being met a Local Authority has to produce an Air Quality Action Plan to improve local air quality. ​



Chichester District Council: Review and Assessment Summary

The review and assessment of air quality in this authority has been undertaken following the Local Air Quality Management process. The link to the local authority air quality reports is below:
Chichester Air Quality Reports.

Annual Air Quality Reports

Chichester District Council produce annual Air Quality reports on all air quality activities and data from the periods. Data is presented both as graphs and textually, with brief discussion of areas suffering the worst air quality in this district, thereby setting out the priority work items for the year ahead.

Air Quality Management Areas

Chichester District Council have declared three (3) Air Quality Management Area around Chichester, Stockbridge round-about (A27), Orchard St and St Pancras. For further information on AQMA’s in Chichester district, please refer to link below:
Click here for the AQMA reports from Chichester District Council website.

Sussex Air Quality Network (SAQN) Reports

These reports describe the air pollution trends, episodes and standards across Sussex.

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